Due to the many requests I have received, here again are my New Year’s resolutions for new home sales professionals, updated for 2011.

Hey kids, what time is it? No, it’s not Howdie Doody time; it’s time for 2011 and the New Year which brings a chance to do things right as new home sales professionals. I am happy that 2010 is drawing to a close and I am certain that many of you who have decided to make a career in new home sales share that feeling for it certainly has been one of the most challenging years on record for the homebuilding industry. So let’s make some resolutions for the New Year to aid our success in 2011.

• We will adopt a positive attitude which should be easy as 2011 is guaranteed to be better than 2010 for residential development and new construction as the homebuilding industry is on the road to recovery;

• We will work smarter and harder – we are professionals in homebuilding and new home sales so we will repeat our successes and learn from our “almost successes”;

• We will come to work every morning with a smile on our face and a song in our heart, ready to sell a product that people actually want and need;

• We will believe that every visitor that comes in the door of our new community is a prospective purchaser and treat them with warmth, courtesy and professionalism;

• We will regularly follow-up with every visitor in a timely manner by email, by phone and by snail mail and we will continue that follow-up until they buy;

• We will invest our time and our own money in education to learn (and re-learn) sales skills and techniques as well as new technologies and the new psychographics and demographics of the homebuying markets so that we are prepared to perform at 100%;

• We will generate at least 25% of the traffic to our community ourselves by prospecting, utilizing our visitors and purchasers as a referral source, aggressively working the Realtor® community and by making ourselves visible on the web through active and intelligent ongoing social media programs;

• We will regularly shop all of the competitive new construction in our area and share the knowledge gained of changes in the homebuilding market with our manager as well as use it to plan our improved sales strategies;

• We will schedule a half day session with our builder to walk through our new homes with our competitive report in hand and learn the specifics of our homebuilding techniques and systems and how they create a superior residential product for our purchasers;

• We will close, we will close and we will close the sale again and again for that is what we do – we are new home sales professionals.

Let’s not be one of those people who look forward to the New Year for another start on old habits. Instead, let’s take this opportunity to start a new year with new habits that emphasize the professionalism that lead us to success and profit in 2011 and beyond in the homebuilding industry. But that’s just my opinion.

If you are attending the International Builders Show in two weeks, please stop by one of my presentations to say hello –

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